Thursday, September 25, 2003


A reader seeking to remember exactly what Jan Smithers looked like found this fan site and passed it on to me. Fan sites are inherently creepy--much more so than these so-called "blogs" I've heard about where pseudonymous nobodies broadcast their half-baked ideas around the world--but I'll overlook quite a bit for a cache of Jan Smithers pictures.

Tempering one's enthusiasm, however, is this excerpt from the site's reprint of an article on Jan from the May 3, 1980 issue of TV Guide:
She does try to make things happen when it comes to influencing opinions on social issues, concentrating lately on campaigning against nuclear power. "I've always been very sensitive to world problems and political matters--I remember at the age of 5, in the mid-50s, becoming terrified of The Bomb. My mother told me once that's when I became introverted; I decided the world couldn't be trusted."

Recently, Jan sat all of her
WKRP colleagues down and made them watch two films on the dangers of nuclear power. That's the sort of initiative Bailey Quarters would have been much too bashful to undertake with her radio-station cohorts not long ago. But, like Jan, Bailey is branching out.
Oh well. Mark her down to a 9.9.


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