Wednesday, September 24, 2003


No, no, he's still dead. I just thought I should add that WKRP, besides being light years funnier than Three's Company, had better looking chicks to boot. Suzanne Somers was fine I suppose, but the actresses who replaced her were forgettable (as are their names, at least to me; you do the research if you care so damn much). And Joyce DeWitt? Ugh. But can you think of a better one-two punch than Loni Anderson and Jan Smithers?

Plus, to take this one step further, is there any doubt as to Loni vs. Jan? Your honor, my case shall consist of a single quote from Jim Fitzgerald in the Detroit Free Press way back in 1986 (poached from here): "Smithers was gorgeous and, in sweatshirt and jeans, made super-simonized Loni Anderson-Jennifer Marlowe look like a high-speed collision between a beauty salon and a cathouse."


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