Saturday, September 20, 2003


Well, no sooner do I swat Wesley Clark away with the back of my libertarian hand than I stumble across, and I quote, "The libertarian case for Clark," posted by Jerry Brito at Brainwash on September 14th. I don't find said case particularly compelling, mostly because it's directed toward "libertarians and conservatives [who] oppose Bush’s war in Iraq for reasons diverse and numerous," and that ain't me. Still, it's worth a look. (Though be forewarned: the piece is barnacled with an interminable string of comments that I for one lacked the fortitude to parse. In the Great Comments War, I am firmly in the camp of Will Baude at Crescat Sententia.)

Worth a look more generally is Brainwash, a publication with which I was hitherto unfamiliar. It bills itself as "the online magazine of America's Future Foundation" and proclaims that its "mission is to feature the musings of up-and-coming writers in the conservative and libertarian movement." I'm staunchly opposed to any "mission" not involving a moon launch or a team of commandos, but as I'm in an uncharacteristically charitable mood at the moment I'll give them a pass on that.


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