Monday, November 24, 2003


Had dinner Saturday night at Cafe Barbette. Strangely enough for a French place, they have Guinness on tap, and it's not too cold. Price: $4.75.

And the damnedest thing--I saw Eloise there! Once the shock of recognition passed we began talking, and I gently chided her for misrepresenting me as "frighteningly well-read." I have indeed read Ulysses, and it's one of the small handful of books that I've read and she hasn't. But what's really frightening is the set of books that she has read and I haven't. It will take me the rest of my years to catch up.

You see, while I spent my life up to about age 20 watching television, she spent hers devouring books, and that creates a nearly insurmountable advantage. The easiest way to become well read is to start young, when you have limitless leisure for such things. Once you have a job and a mortgage and a family and a blog, it's like you're on your own ten-yard line down seven points with two minutes to go and no time-outs left. So get outta bounds already, ya bum!


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