Sunday, January 25, 2004


Further evidence (as if any were really needed) that Lou Dobbs is a foolish prating knave. Old blubber puss is such a reflexive protectionist that he can't refer to free trade without scare quotes and gets his undoubtedly capacious undies into a ferocious bundle over how "our market is flooded with cheap foreign imports" without even trying to explain why we should consider this to be a bad thing. At least Schumer and Roberts trotted out some bad arguments to support their wrongheadedness; Dobbs evidently thinks it's enough just to point his perpetually furrowed brow at free trade (whoops, "free" trade) while leaving whatever brain cells that might exist behind it in their usual idle state. Is it too much to ask that a major media figure who purports to be an expert on business issues actually know something about economics?


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