Monday, February 23, 2004


Admission: I indeed spent the weekend with four other men at what must be the gayest hotel in Atlanta, and while I was there I indeed received, and politely but firmly declined, an offer of "southern hospitality" (his exact words, by the way).

Context: (1). We have five wives, eight children, and countless former girlfriends among us. (2). Two of us work for John Ashcroft. (3). If you would read "the best kind of budget hotel" and "good choice for families" in Frommer's to mean "flamingly queer," then you've got some pretty damned finely tuned gaydar.

Exculpation: Before checking out Sunday morning I took the Gideon Bible from the bed-table drawer, guessed that Leviticus would be the best place to look, with some luck quickly located the big daddy, circled it, bookmarked the page, and replaced the book in the drawer. I just might have saved a soul--what did you do with your weekend?


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