Monday, February 16, 2004


(1). Why I hate politicians, with special reference to John F. Kerry (from CNN.com):
Kerry accused President Bush of engaging in "attack politics" for releasing an Internet ad Friday that took Kerry to task for accepting contributions from special interests while campaigning against the power of special interests in Washington.

"Instead of attacking America's problems," Kerry said, "George Bush and our opponents have once again turned to attack politics.

"We deserve a president who wants to lift America, not divide America and drag it down to the lowest common denominator."

However, the Kerry campaign plans to release an ad of its own outlining the president's ties to special interests.

The Bush campaign, responding to Kerry's earlier complaints about the ad, issued a statement Saturday charging that Kerry had spent nearly $5 million to put out negative ads in 15 states against the president before the Bush campaign responded.
In other words, Kerry uses one side of his mouth to deride as "attack politics" an ad that calls voters' attention to an aspect of his record that is in fact true, while simultaneously preparing to use the other side of his mouth to make exactly the same charges against Bush.

(2). Why I hate big media: Neither the foregoing CNN story nor any story from any other major American media outlet mentions Kerry's bimbo eruption. Why not? Because it's based on uncorroborated evidence? Okay, fine. Then why have CNN and every other major American media outlet not given the same treatment to the issue of Bush's National Guard service? It too is based on uncorroborated evidence--in fact, it has by now been pretty definitively disproven. Yet that uncorroborated charge, and not the one about Kerry, gets mentioned in this morning's CNN story on the Democratic race.

(3). Why I hate Canadians (with one or two important exceptions).


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