Tuesday, March 16, 2004


What does anyone see in John Kerry?

I can understand why one might not like President Bush's personality and style (though the caricatures of him as a dolt or a puppet or a Hitler are silly). I can understand why one might disagree with his decision to go to war in Iraq (though I still think that on balance it was the right choice). I can understand why one might be less than pleased with his fiscal policies (e.g., reckless discretionary spending) or his stance on many social issues (e.g., same-sex marriage). But does anyone actually affirmatively like John Kerry? Come November, will anyone vote for him for any reason other than the bare fact that he's not George W. Bush?

Case in point: A voter challenges Kerry's rather preposterous claim that he has met with foreign leaders who are backing his campaign, asking him to give us some details that might make the claim seem slightly less preposterous, and Kerry responds with this: "That's none of your business."

None of our business, eh? We're your boss, you ass. You're courting our votes, and your first instinct when one of us gives you the faintest whiff of opposition--on a subject that you brought up unbidden, remember--is to retreat behind a wall of privileged self-importance? You've been a politician for three decades and you can't finesse a non-fawner any better than this?

If Kerry keeps this up for the next eight months I predict that a whole lot of people who think they don't like Bush will realize that they like Kerry even less.


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