Friday, April 02, 2004


After extensive discussion among the members of the executive committee and input from readers (some thoughtful, some not), Spitbull hereby codifies its heretofore implicit e-mail policy by expressly adopting the e-mail policy that appears on the FAQ page of InstaPundit, a nice little blog which one or two of you may have read before. To wit:
If I email you, will you publish it?

Maybe. If you don't want it published, put "Please Don't Publish This" in a conspicuous place. Do that with any email you don't want published -- don't expect me to remember what you said last time, as I get hundreds of emails a day. If you really, really, really don't want it published, don't send the email. That's a good piece of advice anywhere. I don't try to make people look bad, and I'll sometimes hold up on publishing something if it looks like it might get someone into trouble even if they don't say that. But don't count on me -- I'm a professor, and we're noticeably absentminded, and this is a hobby, not a Big Five accounting firm. Er, well, that cuts two ways of course. . . .
We're not professors, and for "hundreds of emails a day" you should read "hundreds of emails a year (if we're lucky)." But otherwise, what Glenn says is what we say.

The Warrior Monk and Eloise could not reach agreement on E-Mail Policy Number 2: whether the word should be spelled with a hyphen ("e-mail") or without ("email"). I'm for the hyphen, she's not. I'll admit, it looks like a losing battle for me at this point, but I will not go gently into that good night.


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