Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Great post by Daniel Drezner on Gephardt vs. Edwards as Kerry's running mate. After pointing out that the two aren't all that different on their policy positions, he reminds us of something more important:
So is there a difference? As one of those still on the fence, yeah, in my mind there's a difference. If Kerry picks Gephardt, there's no chance in hell I'm pulling the donkey lever. If he picks Edwards... I dunno. When I see Richard Gephardt on television, all I can think of is, "idiotic protectionist." When I see John Edwards on television, I think, "Hmmm... seems like an OK guy, maybe he's not as much of a protectionist as I suspect."

Why is this?
Policy is not the only thing that matters in making political choices. There is such a thing as political skill. For example, the most important gift in campaigning is the ability to say something a voter disagrees with while making that voter think you're still a good guy.

Reagan had it. Clinton had it. Edwards has it.

Gephardt doesn't have it.
Nor, I hasten to add, does Kerry. And while I don't think Kerry is stupid enough to pick Gephardt, he may well be vain enough not to pick Edwards.


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