Monday, September 27, 2004


The Star Tribune's 12-step program with the Killian memos continues. A few days ago their editorial writers, browbeaten after a weeks-long intervention by an imposing battery of cold hard facts (representative examples here and there, though unless you get all of your news from the Strib, you knew that already), finally admitted that the memos were "suspect." Sure, a stronger word was called for--false, fake, forged, fraudulent, or phony come to mind, and those are just the ones that begin with an "f" sound. And sure, they seemed more concerned about the "delicate and precious" opportunity to weaken the Bush campaign that Dan Rather bungled. But the first step is always just admitting you have a problem.

Yesterday the Strib took another step--it used one of the "f" words! The phrase "fake Bush documents" was allowed to appear . . . near the end of a column by outdoors writer Ron Schara on the bottom of the back page of the sports section. But still! This calls for a toast (with soft drinks, of course). Huzzah!


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