Wednesday, April 27, 2005


The recent dustup between Nick Coleman and Jay Rosen was mostly old wine in new skins for longtime Nick watchers. But Rosen made one jaw-dropping revelation near the end of the string of comments:
From Wednesday afternoon to Thursday evening I received 15 abusive e-mails from Coleman. I printed only the first one; the others have much richer material for his "fans" out there.

He said he was contemplating retaliation in his column, and said he would follow up with my university-- the kind of threats that the right wing crazies make when they get going on "leftist academic" this and "you liberals" that.
Coleman has a history of writing nasty e-mails to those who have the temerity to disagree with him. But fifteen? To the same person? In a day and a half? Sheesh.

The comment string also revealed that Mark Gisleson has a gift for irony, as he devoted three comments totalling over 900 words to the position that Coleman should be ignored.


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