Thursday, April 28, 2005


We've all grown used to the fact that the MSM is a little slow on the uptake Internet-wise. But there's slow and then there's slooooow, as this bit by baseball blogger Aaron Gleeman illustrates:
During one of Jason Bartlett's at-bats last night, Dick Bremer and Bert Blyleven discussed whether or not Chuck Knoblauch batted second in the Twins' lineup (like Bartlett has this season) when he was a rookie back in 1991. They described how, in trying to find out the answer, they asked players on that 1991 team like Dan Gladden and Jack Morris, and also unsuccessfully scoured the team's media guide for information. And all they could come up with in the end was, "As best as we can tell, Knoblauch did bat second."

The funny thing is, while Bremer and Blyleven were discussing Knoblauch's place in the batting order, I typed "Retrosheet.org" into my web browser and found the information they had been searching for within 30 seconds. The answer? Knoblauch had 460 at-bats batting second in 1991, along with 85 at-bats leading off, and a total of 20 at-bats hitting in other spots in the lineup. In addition to that, I can also tell you that he batted .298/.369/.374 in the #2 spot, compared to just .200/.250/.247 leading off.

The most shocking thing about this is not that the information is so easily found online (I have learned to assume that everything is available online until proven otherwise), but rather that not a single person associated in any way with the television broadcast of an MLB team is aware of its availability.
Indeed. I happened to be watching the Twins game during the exchange Gleeman writes of, and I remember thinking, "C'mon, how hard can it be to find this out?" But the laptop was in another room and I forgot all about it until I read Gleeman's post today.

And speaking of Twins blogs, while Gleeman and Twins Geek may be Sports Center, Batgirl is The Daily Show. Where else can you find an entire Twins-themed musical (featuring, among many other things, an extreme falsetto tribute by Justin Morneau to his departed co-Canuck mentor Corey Koskie)? Or a deeply disturbing pictorial investigation of who would be the hottest Twin if they were chicks? Or a Lego reenactment of the fabled Dan Gladden-Steve Lombardozzi fight of 1988? Bookmark it now if you haven't already.


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