Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I've always liked the idea of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's South Park much more than the show itself. But I've heard enough good things about their movie Team America that it's made its way into our NetFlix queue. And now, after reading an interview with them in the October 2005 issue of Spin Magazine (not available online, unfortunately), I might have to give South Park another try.

Early on, Parker puts the kibosh on the interviewer Dave Itzkoff's inexplicable supposition that Parker and Stone are John Hughes fans:
Was there a Breakfast Club member you most closely identified with? PARKER: I think we both passionately hated that movie. I remember that a breakfast club actually started at our school. They met after school and sat around and talked about their problems. It was the gayest thing I'd ever seen.
Later on, they redirect their wrath toward another filmmaker:
Are you guys on good terms with Michael Moore these days? PARKER: I fucking hate that guy. And it's built up over the last couple of years. But he's one of the few people that if I ever saw him somewhere, I'd be like, "You're a fucking asshole." And I would pray he'd take a swing at me. STONE: We were never really friends, but he asked me to do an interview for Bowling for Columbine, because I grew up in Littleton [Colorado]. And he asked if we would do an animated thing for it, and we passed, and he did an animated thing anyway and put it right after my interview. PARKER: I was like, "Whatever, fuck it," but these crunchy granola people with sandals kept coming up to me, going, "Hey, way to stick it to America!" And I was like, "That wasn't me, I don't think that way." STONE: I've had people congratulate me for doing that. PARKER: That's what Michael Moore does. He creates meaning where there isn't any. People are like, "Can you believe they're trying to say Michael Moore just manipulates people?" I'm like, "Yes, he does." STONE: After all that, the Team America stuff really wasn't personal. We just loved the imagery of him blowing up Mount Rushmore--the idea that America can only get beaten from inside.


Team America is a very funny movie. Like South Park, it takes no prisoners and makes fun of America as much as it points out the good things.

Actually, I have a Masters in Middle Eastern and International Studies and the summing up at the end is probably the most compelling insightful summing up of the current war against Islamic Terrorism. Pussies, Dicks and Assholes... go get the video.

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