Saturday, January 20, 2007


... and coincidentally, this blog appears to be in hibernation mode. The other bloggers have their own excuses, but mine is that I've turned my attention to remodeling our kitchen. Demolition begins Monday. Last week our dumpster was mistakenly delivered to the wrong address (it did find its way back here after several telephone calls). I have been amusing myself by imagining what the lucky family thought/swore when they discovered a dumpster in their driveway.

Let's hope that I can keep up my amused attitude or that no more mishaps ensue.


Monday, January 08, 2007


All three Spitbull authors traveled to Chicago last weekend for a highly anticipated meeting. On Friday we stayed at one the nicest hotels I have ever visited and on Saturday I slept in a sleeping bag on a futon.

We feted a friend at a private club designed by Chicago architect Howard Van Doren Shaw. Later that night we watched a "tasteless" flick (much appreciated by those of us who had not yet passed out) on a wall-size screen in that friend's frightening basement.

Now we're all home.