Friday, November 07, 2003


My very first post and I got a warm welcome from the Eldest of the Fraters! According to today's Science Journal (WSJ sec. B1 for those who, like I, only have access to the hard copy), such high expectations could turn me into a female Easterblogg! (Maybe this is a bad example) (Or maybe the expectations thingy only works for rats and schoolkids. I kinda skimmed the column...)

Anyway, after basking in the welcome, I noticed a later post that proves the economy MUST be looking up. The Fraters leading indicator, also known as JB Doubtless, has landed a job! Such economic prognosticators appeal to me, having mapped out my posting territory as details, bloggy or otherwise.

In his post, Doubtless outed apparently still unemployed Mitch Berg, as a sometime poet. As the minister of all things small, I offer him a new outlet for his creativity: collaborative poetry courtesy of smalltime.com. (Get it? SMALLtime.com? I amaze myself sometimes--or maybe it's that rat-expectations-altering research at work.)

So, the question to ponder is: if Mitch gets a job, will that mean the economy has reached a bubble state again?


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