Tuesday, November 25, 2003


Lileks did first. Then Dan Drezner got in on the act. All sorts of other people had opinions (summarized at Instapundit, among other web water coolers). Which caused Lileks to apologize.

Andrea Harris thought this was silly: "I guess it's some Midwestern thing, to get embarassed over a cuss word."

Too true. Too true.

We Midwesterners do avoid the "f-bomb" at all costs. The problem is, we just look dorky when we use it. We're simply too well-scrubbed to be able to carry it off. We also don't hold cigarettes the right way and we sort of choke on the smoke. Speaking of choking, why do they make scotch whiskey so it burns so much? Wine coolers are so much smoother. Now there's a drink!

Come to think of it, I believe they teach our kids to use the term "Uff da!" to express strong emotion at school, but I guess James must have forgotten temporarily. But we'll forgive him. After all, he did apologize so nicely. Now Dan, it's your turn. Chicago is technically in the Midwest after all. Let's keep the discussion civilized!

But Harris, who lives in Florida, thinks no apology was necessary, "Besides, I had grown bored with the little Baghdad pantywaist ages ago." Maybe she does have a point...


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