Thursday, December 11, 2003


Everyone I know has had the standard "oh my god it seems it's finals time and I totally forgot to go to class and didn't crack a book all semester what do I do?" anxiety nightmare. But I had no idea teachers have their own version:

I dreamed I was reading my students' course evaluations, and all their comments were not only negative, but horribly detailed. ...here's the proof, I thought to myself, looking at the evaluations, that I've got to change careers.[more-by a Midwestern English professor]
I feel very sympathetic. Nightmares suck, both during the throes and often upon reflection ("how embarrassing that I'm so wigged out by *that* little thing").

Did I tell you I didn't see most of The Wizard of Oz until after college? I was so scared of the tornado scene, had nightmares for years, that I never made it past Dorothy's arrival in Munchkinland.

Something else I'm not terribly proud about: yes, I felt sympathy, but there is also some kind of guilty pleasure in knowing that teachers go bump in the night too.


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