Thursday, December 04, 2003


Several weeks ago (we're so on top of things) the New York Times ran an article about the plans of a '90s dotcom millionaire to cash in on this here blogging phenomenon. The millionaire reportedly spends only "several hundred dollars to buy ads tied to certain keywords on Google's search engine, like 'Anna Wintour,'" thus cheaply beckoning traffic to his sites. This traffic he turns into cash, ala flax into gold, by selling ads via Google's AdSense.

Here at Spitbull, we get a significant portion of our traffic from searches like (and I'm not making this up) "Brett Favre shirtless," "Doug Flutie shirtless," and (do you sense a theme yet?) "Wesley Clark shirtless." (If not for the quarterback-centric harbingers, we'd have chalked up the last as a mis-keying of "Wesley Clark shitless.") With this undoubtedly coveted demographic hanging on our every word, we figure we're ready to cash in too.

But wait! The editor and publisher of Radar is quoted as warning "The low cost and few barriers that have made blogs an attractive business proposition may turn out to be their undoing, as everyone and their grandmother will soon have a blog."

Now we're worried. Are we everyone? Or our grandmother? (Please, God, please: no search for "grandmother shirtless.")