Wednesday, January 21, 2004


Years ago when I lived in New York City and needed some free entertainment I would leaf through the back of the Village Voice and try to find amusing personal ads. Mostly I found Jerry Springer guests. Now I learn the London Review of Books is the place to go for what some claim is a new art form:
Tap-dancing Classics lecturer. Chilling isn't it? (M, 38).

Some chances are once in a lifetime. Not this one, I've been in the last 12 issues. Either I strike gold this time or I become a lesbian. Man, 43.

So I said, 'maybe just the one' and before I knew it my head had swelled to the size of a water melon. Woman of a certain age, and more certain allergies, seeks Pirotin-carrying, lanolin-free man unlikely to send her into anaphylactic shock.

Ordinary woman seeks ordinary man for the usual
Enchanted, I decided to check out our local offerings and found:
I would like someone who's generally interested in the world around them and likes to try new things, be it something I'm familiar with or something we'll both dive into. Political/social awareness a plus, but not required... though she must put up with some of my idealistic mumbo-jumbo. :o)
Yep. Not only is it freezing in Minneapolis, it's dreary too.


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