Saturday, January 17, 2004


Big Arm Woman at Tightly Wound gives us Reason 1,437 why she isn't planning on undergoing plastic surgery: you can die (best-selling author Olivia Goldsmith died two days ago after a facelift gone wrong). This is clearly a reasonable objection to the procedure.

Then why do I admire my great aunt Margit for having her second facelift in her mid-eighties? It's not simply because she didn't die (although she didn't and she's still kicking ten years later). It's because I greatly admire women who take the time and make the effort to gussy up. I know it takes a lot of time and effort and I don't do it myself because I'm very lazy.

I come from a family that believes in "bella figura" (gussying up). They all look great. I'm sort of a black sheep on this point. But what's funny is I believe in "bella figura" too. I love that once when I arrived at my great aunt's apartment in Rome a day earlier than planned (a mixup involving ferry boats overcrowding and a telephone system I couldn't figure out) I found her dressed in high heeled shoes, a gabardine skirt and cashmere sweater. Oh yeah, and an apron. My aunt lives alone and this visit postdated her second facelift. I'm awed by the fact that she put more effort into getting dressed to see no one (or so she thought) than I usually put into preparing to go out for dinner.

I guess, despite the dying aspect, I kind of wish I were the type of person who would get a facelift. Maybe someday I'll get wrinkly enough to overcome my extreme laziness. I should should just learn how to put on lipstick. Baby steps, you know...

UPDATE: corvidae at A Little Sarcasm posts that anti-surgery opinions are motivated by Darwinian competition with the surged, or soon-to-be surged.


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