Friday, January 30, 2004


AskBrendan complained first so now I can pile in too: blogging is a time suck and coming up with post topics on a regular basis gets to be as welcome as walking the dog on a day like, well, today (the raw temp is -18 as I type, working its way up to -5 this afternoon). The Warrior Monk's will to blog ebbs and flows on an indeterminate schedule (something to do with the lunar calendar or perhaps, this being Minnesota, the weather). The Monk doesn't like dogs and since I'm the type who worries about the carpets I've become the interstitial entertainment for this blog. As such, I frequently find myself at a loss for entertainment material.

When a blogger short of material spots a coffee meme developing, can you blame her for following the crowd? It's so easy! Everyone can find something to say about coffee! It's like the weather, especially here in the frozen tundra (did I tell you my dishwasher froze this morning, as it does every winter during our annual subzero stretch?). We all have a tale to tell, or at least an expletive to eject (I'm talking weather now, not coffee). Here's the coffee contribution:
1 teaspoon ground coffee
1 jigger scotch
1 scoop vanilla ice cream

Don't tell me you need directions! Dump the scotch over the ice cream, then sprinkle the coffee on top, okay?
This ambrosia comes to you via a dinner party I attended in law school and I remember enjoying it greatly.

You're welcome.



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