Monday, January 19, 2004


Michael of the CultureBlog 2 Blowhards comes out today as a rightie admirer. He finally spends some time exploring rightwing political philosophy and comes to this conclusion:
I discovered that, without knowing it, I'd been spending all my time inside a church -- the Church of Lefty Artiness. How lovely to get up off very sore knees and move in the larger world instead. It's a little sad the way a few of my lefty friends make the sign of the cross whenever I get near these days. But, you know, they're the wild-eyed fanatics, not me.
As a coming out party, 2 Blowhards will be presenting a three-part q&a about conservatism with Jim Kalb beginning tomorrow. We're definitely going to check it out, will you?

(Incidentally, M. Blowhard also adds anecdotal evidence to December's Gallup poll happiness finding with his observation that "many lefties -- so pleased with themselves for being so liberated -- turn out to struggle with bad, long-term depression.")


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