Thursday, January 15, 2004


So maybe you've heard about that guy from one of the Twin Cities' local thick-with-ads giveaway papers (not The Rake, which is a good giveaway paper) writing a boring anti-Lileks piece (the only things interesting about it were the Lileks bits) to drum up some attention. Well, he's succeeded in getting a lot of blogs to take notice. We at Spitbull, on the other hand, are cribbing a page from Lileks' latest Bleat:
do you think the guy who wrote that article called up this site today, hoping he’d find a foamy-mouthed point-by-point reply?

Maybe. Who cares? Let’s talk about the stars.
and refuse to shout out any links or seed this post with any search engine tidbits to reward the guy for his so-called effort. As the Phrasesmith himself has patiently explained, what we've got here is a case of non-contiguous information streams.

But if you think we've been too mysterious about the whole affair, you can visit some of the Northern Alliance members (Hugh Hewitt, Fraters Libertas, Captain's Quarters, Mitch Berg and SCSU Scholars) who will lift the veil for you. Or just cut to the chase at Infinite Monkeys, where they've wisely attempted to deflect attention toward the much more troubling Lileks-related issue, namely, the disturbing secret behind his prodigious output.

Speaking of deflecting attention, take no notice of how well our above-the-fray pose shifts the focus away from our slow uptake on this, and most others for that matter, news story.


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