Thursday, January 22, 2004


Mitch Berg explains he was recently rejected by a potential date after she Googled him and found the results distasteful. She was no doubt heeding the New York Observer's thoughtful dating advice. And, after all, all the kids are doing it. Invisible Adjunct (currently on a 2 week hiatus) declared Everybody Googles Everybody, causing some bloggers to fret about the harmful effect on academic freedom (those of us with no academic hopes presumably need not worry).

Too bad Mitch couldn't rely on a identically-named doppelganger with a drool inducing online vita. And that made me think: if a geekgirl named Codemuffin can game her way to the top spot on the Ecosystem (nudging out the Instapundit!), why oh why can't one elude the Google grasp? Just reverse-Google bomb your way to a better you. Or at least fill a Google search with so much dross that your e-stalker loses interest.

But who am I kidding? It's probably possible, but far too much effort when one can simply throw off the hounds with a pseudonym. And I have! What a clever lazybones am I, hounds or no hounds.


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