Tuesday, January 06, 2004


The Fraters boys are cussin'.

JB says "GD!" but his mom says "Lord love a duck!" The Elder says "F-dash-dash-dash" (isn't that a bit of a mouthful?). Atomizer takes pride in using the f-bomb, but claims to on occasion candy coat it down to "flip." No word yet on his mother's expletive of choice.

I refuse to confess to using any contraband language at all for fear of getting kicked out of here but I can reveal the Warrior Monk's language has been known to get a bit salty (come and get him! come and get him!).

My mother uses "Managia la miseria!" for really special occasions, like getting stuck in traffic. You might think it's a nice beefy curse if you hear it executed with the right amount of fury. But you'd be wrong. According to my mom, it translates to "fie on misery!" Lest you think my mother is merely sparing me the direct translation, I know a lot more curses in Italian, courtesy of my cousins, who have no such interest in sheltering my precious ears. They're all wimpy: "Deficiente!," (you're deficient) "Imbecile!," "Cretino!" (no translation needed).

But maybe my accent's to blame.


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