Monday, February 09, 2004


Not that a link from the likes of us will float its boat, but if you don't know the British music weblog No Rock and Roll, then we feel all proud of ourselves for introducing you. It's one of the many weblogs that make us wonder why we even try to squeeze out posts to amuse and interest our audience (at about a tenth the rate and a hundredth the quality of others) when our audience's opportunity cost is this high.

Last weekend simon b. informed everyone that Musicares have made Sting their person of the year:
After years - decades - of his tireless and quiet work to save humanity, the planet and about thirteen dozen species, someone's finally given him a small thank you. That was all he was looking for, you know. A little bit of the love, love, love he shares on a daily basis given back to him.
ChartAttack.com notes "The award gives a nod to Sting’s accomplishments over the years and doesn’t just pay attention to his musicianship, but to his involvement in humanitarian and environmentalist causes as well." Or, as Mr. b. explains it:
He was nominated for the selfless work he's done in recent years to promote environmental issues through his strong support of Jaguar S-Type cars, with its environmentally sensitive ability to squeeze 22 miles out of every gallon of fuel.
Rumor has it Hugh Hewitt is next to be honored.


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