Wednesday, February 18, 2004


We're partial, here at Spitbull, to people who put their money where their mouths are (although you may notice that, by this reasoning, we aren't very partial to ourselves; Blogger is free, after all).

Polls and pundits may come and go but the Long Bets Foundation (formed in 2002 and bankrolled by Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com) forces folks to pay ($50) to publish their wild predictions. If challenged (challenge fee: at least $200), the "Prediction" graduates into a "Long Bet." All proceeds go to charity.

Not surprisingly one Bet is on whether a Democrat or Republic will be elected in 2004 (and then remains alive and in office until August 2005). The stakes: $1,000. Currently, 54% of the voting riff-raff (who don't need to pay to vote, but must register) think a Democrat will fulfill the criteria.

But my favorite prediction, unchallenged as of yet, is "The Long Bets Foundation will no longer exist in 2104." Again, 54% of the riff-raff agree.


Fantasy :)

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