Thursday, February 19, 2004


Michael of 2Blowhards extends his fascination with the low carb boom via a post yesterday on the diet's effect on the food industry. 11% of Americans currently say they're eating low-carb. Michael is one of them. But Jane Galt of Asymmetrical Information gave up after four days ("You know that things are getting desperate when you find yourself tempted to eat out of the dog's dish").

One of the beneficial secondary effects of all this carb-shunning is increased donations to food shelves by bakeries and grocery stores (food drive coordinator: "We load our clients up with three or four bags of bread ... We're trying our best to get rid of it"). But I noticed that one of my favorite restaurants/bakeries, the French Meadow Bakery (great music too!), claims not to have seen a huge dent in business: "If my sales are any indication, the people who are eating carbs are making up for the people who are not eating carbs." (Full disclosure: I'm one of those carb-eaters, sacrificing myself so you Atkins nuts can pig out.)

My cranky theory why the Atkins diet works: anything that gets food gluttons to say no to something (anything!) with calories in it will help them lose weight.


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