Wednesday, February 25, 2004


It has caused, and will continue to cause, a whole lot of blog, but Bush's recently announced support for the Federal Marriage Amendment isn't likely to change many people's votes in this election. Even if it were to be passed (a long shot, many feel), there are few voters for whom this issue outtrumps the rest -- and I would guess that those few have always been likely to vote Democratic. Jane Galt of Asymmetrical Information, as usual, says it best:
[W]e've got some hard hitting economic issues, a war on terror, a reconstruction in Iraq, a budget deficit that would make the folks down at Shopaholics Anonymous blush, and a demographic crisis coming down the pike that's going to make all the rest of those issues look like a walk in the park. People are not going to decide who to vote for based on what they do, or do not believe, about the rights of a tiny percentage of the population to wed
It might be possible, I suppose, that Bush's stance could indirectly change votes. Emotional issues such as this get people to open up their wallets. And much of these donations could get funneled into political advertising (which, in theory, affects voters).

I'm figuring Spitbull could start running some BlogAds and come out ahead by, say, $4.12. Go FMA!


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