Tuesday, February 24, 2004


The Blawgger kids have been worrying about their grades. Little Woody Allens that they are, the anxiety mercifully sometimes turns to comedy:
- Buffalo Wings and Vodka helpfully brainstorms possible responses to rude and unwelcome grade inquiries ("Come again? I am not from your country. Please pass the biscuits")

- Jeremy Blachman lists the Sneaking Into Registrar's Office And Giving Everyone Perfect Grades Editor as one of the myriad Law Review Leadership Positions currently up for election at his school.
I took the denial route when I was in law school. Although I was forced to pick up my grades one time for the law firm recruiting season, after that rude interruption I successfully pretended they didn't exist (law school is simply an intellectual exercise, no?) until graduation.

But it turns out Mr. Blachman's grade anxiety isn't so strong that it swamps his sense of priority:
So, basically, I really want to find out how I did, but I don't feel like finding out I don't know Constitutional Law very well, or at least I didn't show it on the exam, will do all that much to my self-esteem. A reader writing in to tell me my weblog sucks, however, will kill me.
Me too. Don't do it.


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