Saturday, February 14, 2004


Don't think that my blogging about Valentine's Day means I'm a big fan. Nope.

I have learned to greet the day with yawn. You see, I tend to choose as romantic partners guys who are, well, a little romance-deprived (I once received salad tongs as a V-Day gift). On top of this, some years ago I made the mistake of attempting to mark the day with dinner at a well regarded restaurant that suddenly chose to see how many couples it could stuff into the dining room at one time and how few waitrons and cooks it could mobilize to serve them.

Being a practical girl, I have responded to these slings and slights by devaluing Valentine's Day as much as possible (and vowing never to eat out when fat little winged kids are roaming around with bows and arrows). In fact, these days, I probably match my beloved in romantic sense. But of course I'm careful not to sniff and sneer and call Valentine's Day a "Hallmark Holiday" because there's always a possibility of flowers and I am, as I said before, practical.

This year, I'm "celebrating" the day in my trademark practical manner: beer and pizza at home with two other couples who also must need lessons in romance and impracticality.

It appears the best way to value, worship really, Valentine's Day is to move east, where it is often banned. In India, Hindu nationalists have threatened to shave young lovers' heads and beat them if they exchange Valentine's Day cards and gifts. The BBC reports that despite such threats,
celebrating Valentine's Day, named after the Christian patron saint of lovers, has become increasingly popular in both India and Pakistan.
And Al-Jazeera itself observes that Valentine's Day "has gained popularity among many young Muslims from Kuwait to Karachi."

I feel so ungrateful.

I know! I'll just cut the pepperoni into into little hearts. Now that's romantic!

UPDATE: The hints worked! I got roses. (At least someone is reading this blog).


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