Monday, March 15, 2004


Aaron Haspel of God of the Machine confesses his adolescent political and cultural prejudices and this confession shakes his mature prejudice in favor of the existence of objective values in art.

In 6th grade Aaron supported George McGovern for President because his parents did. Later on (high school) his taste was formed by reacting against the opinions of others: he disdained both the kids who worshipped Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd and the music they liked. Does our taste in people explain our taste in art?
You admire someone, and he plays you music, and shows you pictures, and lends you books. You admire the exhibits, but to what extent can that be disentangled from your admiration of the exhibitor, if at all?
Like most correlated phenomena, cause and effect are difficult to tease out. Nearly all of my boyfriends have shared a similar taste in music. I have never dated anyone who loves Bruce Springsteen (although some of them tolerate him better than I) and I two-timed my sweet high school boyfriend, who once gave me an Eagles record for my birthday (in his defense I think he had no idea who the Eagles were, just knew they were popular). Do I like the music I do because the men in my life like or liked it? Or do I like the men because they like the music?


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