Wednesday, March 10, 2004


Exploited, or not, at least one cleaner seems to be blogging (hat tip: Guardian weblog). Sample:
The most animated tea break conversation yet broke out today. Suddenly, over the shortbread, my workmates are debating, comparing, ranting - about washing machines. It hits me - my colleagues actually like cleaning. Or at least are very interested in it. It's their specialist subject. These women clean and scrub and wash all day at work, then go home and do the same for their husbands and children. And have done for years. They are Experts. As I watch my supervisor's finesse with the mop - how she squeezes at just the right pressure and angle for optimum water and bubbles - I know I will never achieve such skill.
I've always been in awe of cleaning skills. Me, I'm such a klutz that I often actually make things dirtier when I attempt to clean them. Sadly, I speak the truth.

WARRIOR MONK: Sadly, she does speak the truth. Skillful blogger, however.


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