Friday, March 05, 2004


Be in on the ground floor of the media convergence revolution: listen to members of the Northern Alliance of Blogs' first radio broadcast! (Um, if you live within 7 miles of Eagan, Minnesota, that is.) Mark your calendars:
Date: Saturday March 6
Time: noon to 3 pm
Station: AM 1280 The Patriot
Don't forget, like blogging, radio can be interactive! Just call 651-688-3131 and let 'em have it. Love 'em, hate 'em, here's your chance to harass 'em. Remember they're pretty new at this and so probably easy to fluster. Go ahead and make like Hugh!

(Spitbull, no fools, are abstaining from this foolhardy enterprise altogether. Rumor has it The Elder is hiding out in Florida, shaking in his boots, until it's all over. But the others will be ripe for picking.)

We're guessing Alliance member James Lileks may call in to tout some gold stocks. Don't miss it!

Previous plans? If the show doesn't get pulled before then, the gang will be on again, the next Saturday.


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