Wednesday, April 14, 2004


One of our favorite media outlets once reported a tenth circle of hell had finally been constructed to contain them:
... vast hordes of pony-tailed entertainment-industry executives rollerblading and talking on miniaturized cell-phones at the same time. But now, we've finally got the sort of top-notch Pits of Doom necessary to give such repellent abominations the quality boilings they deserve.
At first I thought it was the pony-tails but through superior logic I have determined it's really the cell phones that earn one's place in the underworld.

In January a Massachusetts Institute of Technology survey found that the cell phone ranked first among inventions Americans hate (but can’t live without). Now, via Geekpress, there's a study that tells us why: overhearing just half of a conversation is annoying (and it's worse if the half you hear is really loud).


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