Wednesday, April 07, 2004


Since 1995 the Minnesota Supreme Court has updated the old fashioned traveling duties of circuit courts to the modern age by sitting at various local high schools (sorry, registration required).

Unfortunately, our local youth seem less than impressed by the 19th enactment of the spectacle. "I wasn't confused," protested one. "It was just too tedious" ("I am never becoming an accountant," he added). Another made a valiant attempt to embody Minnesota Nice. "Being part of the whole legal procedure is exciting," she said. "Unfortunately, the content of the case is kind of over my head."

Chief Justice Kathleen Blatz explained the rationale for the visit: "The issues we face in Minnesota affect young people as much as adults."

We hope, however, that they aren't yet affected by whether a debtor's IRA can be protected from creditors in a bankruptcy proceeding, one of the issues in the case. The three students quoted in the article were unanimous in their opinion that the creditors "should leave him [the debtor] alone."


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