Wednesday, April 21, 2004


All the big blog boys have comments ... and trolls and spammers and dumbasses (all of which they spend untold hours deleting).

Roger L. Simon says he's gonna start charging commenters (Stephen Green of VodkaPundit is willing to pay to play). Dustbury helpfully notes that charging for comments may be more feasible when version 3 of Moveable Type is released and kindly adds "there are a few people who visit here whom I'd gladly pay if I thought it might increase their participation."

Spitbull? We're just happy to learn there's a new unreleased version of Movable Type we can point to, shake our heads, and mutter "we certainly can't move this blog to Movable Type until those absolutely must-have features are released." (Assuming our blog still exists then). We like to call it "Movable (Feature Target) Type."

We have an idea to keep the game going: add a feature to allow free commenting passes for the Dustbury-favored folks (the plebians must pay). Result: Roger L. Simon would be happy, Stephen Green would be happy (I imagine he might rate a free pass) and Dustbury would be happy (if he really wants to, he can pay the pass-holders too). Most important, adding this feature would surely buy Spitbull another six months or so of featurecreep-blaming procrastination.


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