Wednesday, April 28, 2004


The battle to ensure equal time for the liberal viewpoint has moved from the media to the law. First Air America Radio hit the airwaves, now the American Constitution Society has hit law school campuses with a mission to "protect liberal thinking." (Credit: Per Curiam) Again, there's a race to claim the position of underdog:
Organizers from the Federalist Society said the reason they formed was to counter the dominant left. But the American Constitution Society says it formed to challenge the ascending right.
I attended one of the most conservative law schools in the country. Perhaps the ACS could have been useful there. But my sense as a practicing attorney is that lawyers are far more likely to be liberal than conservative. And their liberal views did not erupt spontaneously after they graduated from law school.

Greg of Per Curiam considers the charge that the right has dominated law schools for more than 20 years with has "profound influence" and tries to be sympathetic: "Just this year, Harvard Law doubled the number of right-of-center professors on its campus by hiring John Manning. "

My advice to the ACS: Pay your bills first. Sue later.


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