Friday, May 21, 2004


Some imminent hostilities are beginning to rile the Blogosphere:

1. Instapundit says Hugh Hewitt slandered James Lileks' dog on national radio.

2. Lileks threatens revenge: specifically, "the nuclear option."

3. Hewitt, apparently cowed, (and taking advantage of the fact that Lileks doesn't have first-hand knowledge of the misbehavior) claims the dog dissing report was a misinterpretation. Then goes on to re-label the Elder "Peeps," a moniker the Elder has expressly disavowed and admits makes him turn "ashen faced."

4. No blogresponse from Lileks or the Elder. But the Northern Alliance Radio Network (of which both are members) is apparently busy preparing for next Tuesday's Hugh Hewitt show of which they will have complete control (Mystery Science Theater 3000 notable Michael J Nelson will be a guest--but Lileks cunningly coopted him this week over lunch at Jasperwood).

Now, what do you think is going to happen?


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