Sunday, May 09, 2004


Dog runs away from home, is found before owner even missed it. And this is news (front page of the Metro section, no less)? Perhaps it's a clever trick to make us read the entire article trying to figure out why on earth they published it (and they say blogs are filled with drivel!).

What I fear is that some editor thought the story merited publication because it used this lede:
In 27 years as a veterinarian, Dr. Janet Roshar has seen a lot of strays.

But when a good Samaritan brought a stray Boston terrier into her Orono animal hospital one day last week, what Roshar saw made her burst into tears.
Mind you, all she saw was her own dog. In good health. Which she hadn't even known was missing. But she cried so let's print it!

What is it with crying and news? Local news is filled with weeping. Usually I'm not as puzzled about why the weepers are sobbing but that doesn't mean I want to watch them cry. Or read about them crying.

I much prefer Doug Blevins', professional football kicking consultant and cerebal palsy sufferer, explanation for why he turned down an offer to dramatize his life (article also from today's Star Tribune):
"They don't want to hear about how Doug Blevins and Adam Vinatieri kicked field goals in the snow," Blevins said. "They wanted to hear about how Doug Blevins cried himself to sleep in Abingdon, Virginia, because no one would ever give him a chance. But it never happened that way."
Much to the Warrior Monk's delight, it was enough to make me read the sports pages today.


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