Monday, May 03, 2004


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away a young James Lileks believed "soldiers were brainwashed killbots" and weapons systems "served as penis substitutes for Jack D. Ripper-type generals who probably went home and poured lighter fluid on toy soldiers, lit them with a Zippo and cackled maniacally." He doesn't think this anymore, of course.

But stories like these are fertilizer for such beliefs to take root and flourish. Hugh Hewitt is right:
A half-dozen people have genuinely hurt the mission and endangered their fellow servicemen, and the brass needs to make sure the message goes out loud and clear to the world that this handful of soldiers are not representative of even a tiny percentage of the American military. The president publicly stated his disgust, but the military needs to resist the temptation to move on too quickly.
We are better than this. But we have to show it.


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