Monday, June 14, 2004


"French" and "efficient" are not usually two words I think of in the same breath but I now need to change my tune. Turns out there's a new French wine dubbed Permis de Conduire ("permit to drive")--the term for a French driver's license--designed so you can drink a half bottle and still pass the Breathalyzer test when you're pulled over. In case you missed the point, the wine label mimics a French driver's license.

Pretty cool, non? Each bottle, which retails for 2 euros (about $2.50), is pretty small: good for only two glasses of wine. They claim that the average person can quaff a glass and still pass muster with the French government's draconian .05 blood-alcohol limit. Though how good a $1.25 glass of wine is remains to be seen.

Someone should slap a South Carolina driver's license on one of those cute minibottles here in the States. They'll make millions!


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