Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Sales of Clinton's memoir "My Life" are reportedly setting records. In New York City Clinton was greeted like a rock star with cheers and groupies:
I'm smitten with him," said Lisa Borinsky, a furniture maker from New Jersey who arrived on Monday evening to sleep in line. "The only true aphrodisiac in this world is power and the man exudes power, which makes him unbelievably attractive.
Even here in the Twin Cities, although there were no mobs (this is, after all, the Midwest), someone bought a copy at the downtown Barnes & Noble "every five minutes or so." So what's going on in Jacksonville?
There was one customer waiting to buy My Life when owner Rona Brinlee opened the Book Mark in Atlantic Beach Tuesday morning. And there was one person at the door when Barnes & Noble on Atlantic Boulevard opened.

"But I think he was waiting for the coffee," said Jennifer Grey, a department manager.

Staci Wyatt, general manager at Books-A-Million on Atlantic Boulevard, said there had been a few sales of My Life that morning, along with a few calls from customers.

"But as far as it flying off the shelves," she said, "it's not. Maybe people are waiting for the reviews."
Or maybe they've already seen the reviews.

(Thanks to John for the tip)


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