Monday, June 21, 2004


Michael Blowhard of 2Blowhards invents a new field: yoga sociology. He categorizes typical studio clientele (one "hippie-dippie-ish yoga place" attracts "overweight, middle-aged, frizzy-haired therapist-esque women; they generally have a hard time not talking and look like they've never exercised before in their lives"), asks why Asian women, but not Asian men show up for public posing classes, and examines the clothing:
The occasional guy does show up in class wearing Lycra-ish shorts. When this happens, my mid-American background kicks into gear, and loudly. I look at this guy and think, "Dude! No!" Guys in stretch clothes? Rightly or wrongly -- and I can't seem to help this -- I leap to the conclusion that they're either 1) gay, or 2) from a Mediterranean background.
We can't wait for him to broaden our understanding of running kilts.


I read an interesting article on it I would like to share with you...

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