Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Constitutional Law professor Paul F. Campos deconstructs the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal and finds not constitutional issues, but "fat issues" at its heart:
In fact, Monica's behaviour was characteristic of women who seek evidence that they possess an attractiveness to men that the culture tells them dozens of times a day is reserved for the sort of extraordinarily thin women they can never become. Similarly, Clinton's own self-destructive promiscuity can in part be understood as a symptom of the grown man who's never got over being the fat kid seeking affirmation of his desirability.

Despite all this, Clinton did his best - according to Dick Morris and others - to be 'good' during the 1992 presidential campaign and the first two years of his presidency. Perhaps not coincidentally this was the only period during Clinton's presidency when he was eating exactly what he wanted on a regular basis.
This revelation inspired Professor Campos to explore the role of fat in politics and "the world more generally." He recently published The Obesity Myth arguing that fat people can be healthier than thin folks. As an unfat but unhealthy person, I must reluctantly concede that he probably has a point.


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