Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Northern Alliance stud Captain Ed has been invited to blog the Republican National Convention! Spitbull's invitation seems to have gotten lost in the ether. (A popular theory hereabouts is that King of SCSU Scholars had something to do with it; he complains our inclusion in the Alliance is an enduring "mystery" but there ain't nothing mysterious about cold hard cash. And he claims to be an economist!) But we're taking it in stride.

Especially after seeing this:
If any of The New York Times reporters covering the Democratic National Convention had hoped to relax with a cold beer inside Boston's Fleet Center after a hard day of work, they've been disappointed.

That's because, unlike at past conventions, outside booze -- or any bottled liquid for that matter -- is banned from the convention site, along with most food, hairspray, and even large umbrellas.

"It was rejected," said John Files, assistant to the Times' Washington editor, who tried late last week to bring several cases of beer and a case of wine into the press room for the Times scribes. "The Secret Service is particularly concerned about liquids, fearing biohazards, regardless of whether they are open or closed.
Sorry Ed, we're guessing the Secret Service may have similar concerns about the Republican convention. We plan to crack a cold beer, uncork a warm bottle of the red, open a large umbrella and read every word of your RNC blogging. In short, we'll be there with you in spirit(s).

But we're kind of cheesed about missing out on the cool visor swag potential.

UPDATE: Hindrocket has been invited too! 10% (2 out of 20) of the RNC credentialed bloggers will be from the Northern Alliance.


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