Wednesday, July 21, 2004


The seven year old lost a tooth yesterday. Well, actually, she yanked it out and then dashed to her room to shove it under her pillow. Good pacifist that she is, I don't think she'd actually knock out her sister's tooth for the payoff (and she's watched this cautionary Powerpuff Girls episode at least ten times after all) but I was a little surprised by how cold blooded she was about it (cha-ching!). No "ick!" about all the blood yet she's usually quite squeamish.

Well, this is certainly not the first tooth loss she's suffered/enjoyed (she started first grade with the classic no-front-teeth look). She's getting to be an old pro at this, jaded enough to grill me about how this fairy business works. How do you know there's a tooth fairy?

I think I held up OK (it helped that she probably wanted me to convince her, concerned that the dollars may stop appearing if I think she no longer believes). I told her we know because there's a dollar under the pillow in the morning. She didn't ask me any more questions but apparently decided to devise an experiment of her own. She left a note along with the tooth:
Dear tooth fairy
What is your name

[seven year old child]
Turns out the tooth fairy's name is Flitterpuff!

The Internet reveals still more, of course:
What does the tooth fairy do with all those teeth? There's no consensus. Terry Pratchett in Hogfather suggests they're just collected, neatly labeled and filed away in a museum-like castle. Pratchett also suggests that the tooth fairy's business involves intricate record-keeping and accounting, and says she "carries pliers – if she can't make change, she has to take an extra tooth on account." I think I'd just as soon not explain that part to kids.
I on the other hand will hold this in reserve in case any sister slugging develops.


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