Monday, July 12, 2004


The Northern Alliance is throwing a shindig - a non-political, ecumenical one - for bloggers in the area. Here's the official invite for those in Minnesota (or anywhere within driving distance of the Twin Cities):
Here's the deal: We'd like to meet at Keegan's Irish Pub in Northeast Minneapolis, on Saturday, July 24, at 5PM. We'd like to spend a few hours hanging out, meeting other bloggers, and just having some fun. Cash bar? The whole place IS a cash bar!

By the way - this is not a "Northern Alliance" event, just a random social thing for bloggers.

Interested in being there? We'd love to get a headcount. Please drop us a line at party *at* northernallianceradio *dot* com. Tell us who you are and what blog you write, if any. We'll send the details right back.

Hope to see you all there! Oh - and spread the word among any other bloggers you know!

The Whole Northern Alliance
Don't yet have a blog but want to come see what all the ruckus is about? Just visit Blogger.com and you'll be fitting into the guest criteria in no time.


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