Saturday, July 10, 2004


This afternoon our more with-it Northern Alliance brethren will be interviewing hoaxmaster Odin Soli (now that name's got to be made up), the 35-year-old male creator and animator of the 20-something female and sexually adventurous blogmistress Plain Layne. Turns out Mitch Berg and Odin go way back. Tune in to am1280 the Patriot (Internet streaming should be coming soon) from noon to 3 pm today--maybe Mitch will reveal that he's the guy behind, say,Belle de Jour. Birds of a feather, you know.

Oh, yeah. They'll also be talking to a spokesperson from the BushCheney04 campaign and the West Virginia high school senior who gave the First Amendment an airing when he posted conservative signs around his school.

The Elder and Atomizer are out skating in the MS75 but they may call in, panting, in the third hour. Spitbull? Well, we finally feel a bit guilty for sitting on our asses so we bankrolled Atomizer. How much? Enough so we can blow off our NA obligations for months to come.


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